The Gifts The Athletes In Your Life Actually Want

Gift Guide for Athletes 

The holidays isn’t quite the merry season without putting a smile on the face of family and
loved ones. This year it holds a promise of being a good cheer especially with the assortment of
thoughtful gifts we have lined up for you. Nothing speaks of love and accentuates your
thoughtfulness than a perfect gift that gets your recipient elated. After all, it’s the season of
giving and a great time to think of those that are dear to us. Our line of premium grade CBD
products and work out accessories for athletes and fitness enthusiasts will make this season
most memorable. Our complete guide caters to even those personalities that are hard to shop
for charming them with a variety of goodies that are a must-have in our modern day festivities.
After all, Christmas comes only once a year, why not make the most cheer with this one!

CBD Gummies and Water for Festivity & Recovery

These are the main thing this season getting you into the right mood for the holiday. Light
moments with your loved ones this Christmas will be even lighter and exhilarating with CBD
gummies. It is important to note that cannabinoids have become preferential to a wider crowd
as they do not have the psychoactive effects of regular cannabis. The CBD gummies we offer
you are permeated with top grade hemp oil from natural CBD. These not only appeal to people
with a sweet tooth with their great taste but also have multiple health benefits if added to the
daily nutrition plan. The gummies have replaced over the counter medications for most families
as they act as natural remedies for people with sleep complications, anxiety issues, chronic
pain, and so much more. Get better in your daily routine this Christmas with
CBD Rainbow Bites that are free of THC and are readily affordable. A single gummy bear is
enough to mellow out your day and that of your loved ones in the jolly season. Pure
cannabinoid water is also available this season to supplement your body the natural way of
creating a desirable balance that enriches your life.

Raise their Festive Workout Spirit with Innovative Compression Attires

Our diverse range of sportswear is designed with updated compression technology for the
fashionable modern day athlete. These are a must-have for any loved one this season with an
avid passion for working out or those planning to start of their year on a high note with a
workout routine. Our compression sportswear uses next-generation innovation to prevent
muscle injury, reduce soreness and boost how you perform on a day to day basis while
sculpturing your picture-perfect body perfectly. The notion that Christmas holds all time
together is sport on and there virtually exists a no better way to stay fit this season than with
luxury compression outfits. These come in special styles catering to everyone. For the women
and young girls: performance sweat headbands, compression long tights, performance racer
back bra, compression calf sleeves, and even laundry wash bag are at your disposal. A special
package for men includes compression calf sleeves, compression long tights, and laundry wash
Clothes made with this technology work to compress your body surface which in turn improves
the circulation of blood in the muscles, hastens blood flow to the heart and ends up making
your muscles more stable. In the course of training, the compression works to minimize
vibration of muscles which is essential in preventing injury. The increased blood flow improves
endurance while preventing inflammation at the same time which leads to better performance
even for strenuous activity. Activities you engage in after training determine your recovery
process. A good diet and enough rest time are highly recommended but with the compression
attires, your muscles repair rapidly with reduced tissue inflammation hence prompt recovery.
From our store with a touch of Christmas magic, we want to make this Christmas a conscious
one for you and your family with medically recommended sportswear that gives you the heart
of a professional athlete.

Chilling Out This Season

In this month of giving, it is said that if Christmas does not spring from your heart it is
impossible to find it under a Christmas tree. We wish to make this time as sensational as only
we can with festive service gifts for you and those dear to you. Such include unlimited
cryotherapy sessions to relax your tissues, non-invasive cryo facials, salt room therapy, and gift
cards. How we conduct our therapies will leave your skin radiant and your entire being stress-
free appreciating the special moments in Christmas that make life truly a gift from above.
From giving the gift of total body recovery to the relaxing effects of CBD, Boca Cryo is an athlete’s paradise with healing modalities, gear, and the best cutting-edge gifts any Boca Raton athlete could want. For a limited time only, purchase any salt therapy, cryo facials, compression boots, or cryotherapy sessions and get one FREE! Gift cards are also available. Call Boca Cryo to schedule an appointment or purchase gifts: 561-717-4402

The Benefits of Salt Therapy

Benefits of Salt Therapy

Salt therapy otherwise known as Halotherapy is not entirely new as it has been in practice for over a
century now. Those who have had the privilege to indulge in this natural therapy have improved certain
aspects of their wellbeing and always look forward to their next rejuvenating session. For the dry salt
therapy, you get to sit back and unwind in a salt room full of dry salt elements as your skin gets
revitalized for a younger you, complete cleansing of your airways and optimizing your general health.

Respiratory Benefits of Halo Therapy

Salt therapy is the most lucrative treatment for people suffering from common respiratory problems
such as congestion, cold, hay fever, flu, and even allergies. Salt therapy seeks distinction from other
treatments as it is purely natural hence does not portend any drawbacks to your health. The dynamics
behind halo therapy entail grinding natural salts into tiny breathable particles mostly by the use of a
modified halogenerator. The particles are dispersed in a salt room and once inhaled they are deposited
on the lining of your lungs immediately decongesting your airways. A single visit to a salt therapy
specialist clears your respiratory system of all pollutants such as pollen, dust particles, smoke, sinus
conditions, and common allergies. Treat your lungs to a breath of fresh air today the natural way with a
therapy that has proven effective to a wide range of respiratory complications.

Benefits of Salt Therapy to the Skin

With halo therapy, you can finally get a radiant skin that makes you glimmer from head to toe making
you look well hence feel well which lets you be well. Salt elements work wonders with your skin cleaning
every other pole leaving you at your best physically. For people suffering the brunt of Acne, Eczema and
Dermatitis seek no other remedy as salt therapy is 100% natural and effective in revitalizing your skin.
The tiny particles of dry salts permeate into your epidermis absorbing oils responsible for skin
breakouts, acne, and eczema. Natural salts also have antibacterial attributes which are preferable in
bringing your skin pH levels to normal. Those who make a habit of this therapy stand out as their skin
seems to withstand effects of aging better than others.

Benefits of Halo Therapy in Naturally Boosting your Performance

This is in special regard to sports people who seek natural means to optimize their potential physically.
You can only do your best to push your muscles well past their threshold in training and adequate rest
time to be fresh when your best performance is warranted. Many sports people do not take time to give
equal attention to their respiratory system despite its central role in athletic obligations. Salt therapy for
such people makes all the difference by boosting the performance of lungs by increasing the carrying
capacity of oxygen. Halotherapy clears the airways making athletes more energetic with staggering
stamina to run circles around their competition. Nutrition is important during this period and when
coupled up with halo therapy you can expect the best from your body.

Better Sleeping Patterns with Halo Therapy

Natural salts have a calming effect even to the most wound up personalities. It is understandable to
have tensions in the modern day life as life is more demanding these days. Such tensions deprive us a
good night rest which reflects on our physical appeal looking more fatigued with every passing day. Salt
therapy is the most effective remedy for getting relaxed and stimulating natural slumber. Even the most
distasteful days can be fixed with a twilight nap which is the nature of sleep for those who actively
engage in salt therapy. You get to breathe better hence less strain during sleep time making you more
relaxed for a deep slumber. Halotherapy is also lucrative for mindfulness as a form of meditation which
improves clarity for your mental faculties and long-term reduction of stress.
Boca Cryo is home to Boca Raton’s newest salt room. The Boca Cryo salt therapy treatment lasts 30 or 60 minutes and the first time sessions are buy one, get one free. The salt room comfortably fits 4-5 people. To make a salt therapy appointment in Boca Raton, call 561-717-4402